Friday, November 19, 2021


Today is bethrothed to history. She would be gone forever but her memory would linger forever. Today is all you have got, tommorrow is a mystery. Treat today with kind gloves, be good to all the people ''Fate'' brings to your path. Are you filty rich? If you are, please spend your liquid gold wisely, don't look down on your nose at the poor. Mind you, you might wake up in the morning a poor man. You might think you have it all. Don't be deceived by your good fortunes. Some beggars were once multi-millionaires. Life has an insatiable hunger for ups and downs. Nobody has the monopoly to controll the winds of destiny. Be grateful for the little you have and strive hard to better your life. ''Fate'' might probably show you His good side Tomorrow. Don't laugh at another person's misfortune. Your's might be ten times worst than his or hers. Today is all you have got to make hey while the sun shines. Don't allow the misfortunes of Today to sink your dreams. No matter what Today throws at your face, don't give up hope. As long as you are alive, you would still have more than a thousand chances to pull through and have a happy ending story. Today has brought about the rise and fall of empires. Today has caused so many people pains and also fed the hearts of so many people with that awesome flow of joy. Happiness and Sadness are inside the bag of Today. Always remember that what you do today would determine what you would be remembered for tomorrow. Be strong and courageous.

Thursday, November 18, 2021


The ''Eartth'' was never intended to be a breeding ground for turmoils, wars, natural disasters and ravaging tentacles of diseases and pandemic. How did we get to this stage? Once upon a time, man lived in a beautiful garden, mortality had a sweetened spice of peace and tranquliity . Man was contented with being man. When man began to populate the ''Earth'', evil began to incubate until it became a living being, invariably cracking the walls of tranquillity. The lust for ''Power'' released the demon in ''Man''. Every generation has a repilca of Adolf Hitler. China the ''Great'' has found an ally in Russia, ''The Bear'' of Europe. The aim of their alliance is to divide and rule the world and crush the influence of ''Almighty'' United States of America. These manuevers has deepened the crack on the walls of tranquillity. Tranquillity has drowned inside the sea of woes. African has been serenaded by these world powers. Eating the leftovers from their rich meals has reduced Africa into a pathetic beggars league of under-developed nations. For Africa to survive, she must polish the shoes of her benefactors. South America has been bullied and made to lick the feet of Russia and China all thanks to the maniacs in the helms of affairs who calls the shots in the laughable democracy of the continent. No need to make mention of Asia, the story is still the same.

Thursday, February 18, 2021


Donald Trump ruled America with an iron fist for 4years yet he was loved by more than a handful of people, he almost succeeded in slaying democracy, this did not quench the burning love of die-hard followers. America still lived to tell the story of the beautiful-ugly days of the "Great" erratic Donald Trump. Life is all about stories, legends and villains. Love him or hate him, Donald Trump was a messiah to some people and a nuisance in the eye sights of some. Myanmar battled for many years to sit on the dinning table with "Democracy".Ms Aung San Suu Kyi fought with the dungeon lords to liberate his people from the shackles of military rule. Her duggedness took her to the stool of power, though she had to make do with the titled of "Defacto Leader" of his "Grace" forsaken country. Ms Aung San Suu Kyi was a saint who could do no wrong until she took sides with the miliatry during the 2017 bloody masscre of Myanmar's Rohingya minority. Under her watchfull eyes and with her seal of approval, the military turned the land of the Rohingya minority into a sea of blood, a waste land where vultures smiles and laugh so loud. It seemed as if she would never see the ugly face of terror again, things were going well for her, democracy was smiling. Suddenly, the military woke up from her brief nap to steal the mantle of leadership from Ms Aung San Suu Kyi on the first dawn of the month of February 2021. Insipte of the landslide victory of Ms Aung San Suu Kyi's party victory in the polls, the military did not blink her eyes. Democracy has been bound in chains once again in myanmar.
Democracy is bleeding, even in Russia and Uganda. the "Great" Vladimir Putin has glued himself to the throne, he is destined to rule untill the crack of doom. Uganda's Yoweri Museveni has been in power for more than three decades, he has fastened his buttocks on the throne to rule for life. only death would take him out. For how long would democracy continue to cry?

Thursday, September 17, 2020


The human being is the most intricate of all known creatures. Attempt to fully comprehend man’s nature has eluded us in the past. Science so far has broadened our understanding of man’s physical body but facts unseen are yet to be resolved. Every day, our knowledge of certain minute ingredients of life is better illuminated. Like any other living creature, human beings are subjected to external influences, two of them- the variable and the constant. Thus, human beings struggle to maintain an equilibrium of healthy living and wellbeing. Living a reckless life is tantamount to sailing through the Atlantic Ocean on board a sinking ship. Here comes in the health professionals, their task, a herculean one though is to aid man’s quest for good health and long life. Whereas accountants deal with figures, lawyers probably with facts. Doctors find themselves in the enviable position of saving lives. Medical Science is the most dynamic of all knowledge sought, it is ever changing. An ideal health staff must have buried his/her head in books and manuals in a formal education and must keep pace with the developmental changes of our time. Medicine is a sensitive profession, errors made on paper can be corrected but diagnostic and treatment errors cannot be salvaged. Lives are connected, people depend on people. Premature death simply breaks this chain and plunge lives into sorrows. One medical error can change the course of a deceased relation’s life. It is a very noble task to care for the sick, but more ignoble to care without the necessary knowledge. Let us keep in mind the implications of our actions, remembering that a respect for human lives is a respect for the most beautiful creation of God.

Friday, June 5, 2020


Is the United States of America truly the land of the free for the free? The late George Floyd was a man naturally endowed with a black skin- a Negro in the eyes of those who see and judge a man by the color of his or her skin. George Floyd had high hopes of living to see a better tomorrow. The reaper struck again in the family barely two years after the demise of George Floyd’s mum. This time around, the victim was George himself. People steal thousands of dollars and go scot free but poor George Floyd died without robbing anyone. The crime they accused him of committing was minuscule compared to the one proven to have been committed by so many white folks this year. I believe strongly in the innocence of George Floyd. Even if he was not innocent, being in possession of a fake $20 bill is not something that would drive a sane Police Officer mad. If a white person had been in possession of a fake $20 bill would he or she had been murdered? “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe” screamed a helpless George Floyd. If he were a white man, his pleas for help would had soften the stone heart of the ruthless Derek Chauvin, a 44 year old white skinned Police Officer of the Minneapolis Police Department. Bewitched by the cloven Hoff, Derek Chauvin pressed his knee on the neck of poor George Floyd. On the bare street was where George Floyd was lying helplessly. Death jerked left and right, it did not find any angel in the vicinity who would rescue the drowning soul. Death waited patiently for 8minutes before he stole the soul of George Floyd. Racism has refused to go to bed and never wake up. A lot of racial murders have been going on in American soil all these years but the recent death of George Floyd has exposed the nude body of the ghost of racism. I sincerely wish that one day the dreams of the founding father of America would be realized. We long for the day where this great nation would truly be a land for the free and for the free. The color of a man’s skin should not dictate how he or she would be treated.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Corona Virus Vs Hunger Virus: The Plight Of Africa

Humanity is grappling to curtain the spread of the queen of all viruses’ code named “Covid-19”. The death rate is staggering, mother earth is bleeding with sorrows. European countries and the almighty United States of America are the worst hit sites of the deadly pandemic. “Lockdown” seems like a world ritual to curb the spread of Covid19. Governments all over the world has exhausted their resources and yet some of them are going the extra mile, they are trying their best to put food on the tables of their people. The hilarious thing about this pandemic is that it has made tissue papers and toiletries a scarce commodity in the Whiteman’s land. This kind of thing can never happen in Africa. As wise as the Whiteman claims to be, the harsh truth is that they are slaves of fear and prisoners of the technology they worship as god. Sadly, cadavers has multiplied by a geometric proportion. The rape of the overstretched hospitals across the globe has installed a frightening wave of fear in most of the isolation centers of the world. People have started looking elsewhere for cure and vaccines for the deadly corona virus. Madagascar is leading the way via her herbal drink. Instead of being thankful, the Whiteman is not willing to believe that anything good can come out of Africa. The fact ought to be told. Covid19 has a special place in its nefarious heart for the Whiteman, no wonder the alarming death rate. Yes, corona virus has finally began to feast on the soil of Africa. Though it has caused scores of death but the number one disease right now in Africa is called “Hunger Virus”. Even before the “Lockdown” era, so many Africans were dying daily of hunger and starvation. With the “Lockdown”, hunger virus has grown more wings to kill. The African heads of government want their people to stay at home to curb the pandemic yet they have no clue that hunger is the worse disease on earth. People are dying more from hunger virus in this part of the globe where I come from-Africa. Covid-19 is deadly and vicious but hunger virus is merciless and wicked.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019


Lady charming, I've always dreamt of meeting special people and i'm so glad to have met a special and lovely friend like you. Guess what i will do tonight? I will go to bed with my back healthily kissing my mattress and my face smiling like the visage of a man who has just won a lottery. I will soak my head with the sweet thoughts of you because life has offered me the glittering joy of having a friend worth a handful of friends. My dear, i admonish you to go around mother Earth with a happy-happy smile on your beautiful face. Please, fill your bosom with gladness, let high hopes be your daily cup of tea. You are greater than who you think you are, live and eat your dreams. Frankly speaking, your garden shall be filled with love and prosperity. I believe you will dance cheerfully with divine blessings because you are already divinely blessed. Thanks for being a young lady with a loving heart.