Monday, March 5, 2012

I watch in awe

I watch in awe as the decades roll away,
Leaving an execrable scar on the face of time.
I watch in awe as the heavens boil
And the Earth beneath it rage with terror
In anticipation of a certain doom long done
Before the nefarious smile of fate.
I watch in awe as I advance here on Earth
And the brash cloud that surrounds me,
Putting a slough of sadness in my cup of tea.
My vociferous fame caused me vociferous headache,
It knocked my head like a dancing cathedral bell.
I watched in awe as I marched untrammeled
With the years marching along the same pace,
I felt I was a worn out soul without a smart
Stride though I pounced on the ground like
An army general of generals.
I watch in awe just because I live in awe,
The whirr of mortality always’ carries a deadly
Blow of air along with the copious
Worries and wonders of existence.

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