Sunday, February 1, 2015

A kiss of fortunes

Though your life has been crashed into the ocean of tears, you can still grow as tall as success and become as beautiful as happiness. Bad luck seems unrelenting, he bites his draconian teeth, starring into your pulped out peace disenfranchised eye sockets. This is not the end, your nightmare will soon cease, I see you walking majestically on the horizon of greatness.

A kiss of fortunes is coming your way, your feet has been anointed to cripple the proboscis of the house fly called " Ghost of defeat", it shall no longer feast on your handsome happiness.  You have become like a raven alone in the wilderness but that will no longer be the case because the light of divine favor shall attract people to your standing point.



  1. This is very inspiring!!!!

    From: Jack Swartz

  2. Strong motivational talk.

    From: Nicholas Dante

  3. Well, Bulututu Ozuah my friend, you are the best. I didn't write this stuff, you wrote it after listening to my motivational talk.

    Nicholas Dante

  4. Great stuff indeed,!!!

    From: Bryant Carson