Wednesday, February 3, 2016


When my heart restored its diplomatic ties with my dreams, my vision clearly revealed a renovated twenty second century Empire State building inside my sub-consciousness. I once had only layers of shadows piling up inside my mortal head but now I can strikingly see bold mountains of smiling prosperity.

Have you ever been locked up inside the scary chambers of doubts? Hardship has a deadpan visage, your situation would only get worse when you allow the comatose friendly fingers of worries to bury your dreams.

Honestly, you cannot have it both ways, it is either you brace up to do battle with your problems like an army General or you cowardly stay down and drown inside the deep blue sea.

It took Thomas Edison over nine thousand and ninety nine failed attempts before he had the last laugh. It was never a day's job for him but the reward for his hard work and dexterity still lives on like an eternal sparkling star.

If you give up on your dreams, the sunlight of life would never be there for you anymore. Of what use is it when you buy a car of innovations just to dump it inside a garage of hopelessness? Bring back your smiles, fill it up with a ravishingly beautiful cloth of hope, wear it on your face and trample over your fears. You can make it, yes you can.

From: Bulututu Ozuah


  1. So true!!

    From William Goldberg

  2. Excellent work

    From funke abiola

  3. A very inspiring post. I love it.

    From Angelina George

  4. Wow! Bulututu Ozuah,you are such a good writer. I like the way you choose your words. Well done!

    From Michael Kingston