Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Life could be sweet and life could as well be bitter. The air is always tensed with both good and bad news to boot. Our water tight innovative  plans can even wear the wings of topsy-turvy. Please, don't ever believe that your future has been hacked by ill fortunes.

To count your blessings with a booming heart requires you to first calculate all the many pinches of defeats you have suffered in the course of your strides and strokes to success. I have had so many failures in my life.  Failures creates a baptism of good tidings, you suddenly begin to see the beautiful face of success. I had to divulge my dreams into  the ears of  my demoralized spirit, that's what kept me moving even when I had no strength to move.

Being drugged by self pity is a nightmare, it will only kill all the genius thoughts inside your head. The more you tell people about your problems, the harder it becomes for you to wear the garment of respect. Open your eyes, a lot of people are praying for your doom , you have to lock up your thick gobs.  For every drop of your tears, their hearts jumps up with a thousand waves of evil-rascality of satisfaction.

Just like a mustard seed, you have to weather through the storms of life. Of course you are a born survivor, stay focused and keep pushing. Don't compare yourself with others and don't rest on your oars.

In life, some people are like early birds. At the age of 25, they could boost of a hulking success. You are unique in your own way, don't feel sad because your colleagues are miles ahead of you. A man who succeeds at the age of 40 or 50 is equally a man of steel. Yea, some great men had their breakthroughs when they had even marched pass the golden age of  60 years.  A man who married at the age of 20 was meant to have a family at that age, another man might even get married in his forties and end up having the luxury of enjoying a better marriage life.

Life is a gift, make yourself a gift to people around you. Good things are coming your way, all you have to do is to believe and have faith.





  2. Wonderful dear, keep it up.

    from: Tim