Tuesday, July 12, 2016

And they ate the woes of poverty

They didn't choose to wear the garment of poverty, staying stuck to it is never any man`s dream. To those born with a diamond touch of fortunes, the poor are like the scrapes of the sand. A lot of our elites and socialites have a death conscience towards the downtrodden, it gets darker every day.

Do we live in a fair world? The gods of the earth are the rich, with their dirty shekels, they buy and sell the destinies of nations. With blood diamond, the rich fool of Liberia turned his nation into a field of blood. The great moron of former Zaire feed the vultures of Europe with the nutrients of his pocketed nation. The modern day king Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon turned Baghdad into a cadaver republic.

Even in education, the poor has no tongue to bargain with the rich. It's a taboo to shake the filthy hands of a nobody but they see nothing wrong in licking the excreta of Richie rich. Inequality died the day after the birth of history, don't expect to see a blue blooded king kissing the feet of a common servant. The wind of stigmatization has grown fatter.

Being : poor, rejected and dejected today could as well be your passport to greatness tomorrow. Make sure you don't look down on people when you are up there. Use your wealth to beautify the ugly face of the poor. You will be worse than the devil if you feast on the blood of the poor. We all have a duty of making the world a better place for those covered in blotches of poverty.

From: Bulututu Ozuah


  1. Wonderful!

    From: Patricia Clarkson

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  4. So good. Bulututu Ozuah, you are an exceptional writer.

    From: Professor James Robert