Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Sadness has a blowsy visage, her harridan nature despises every seed of joy in one's heart. I have seen so many beautiful
dreams trampled under the nefarious sole of her feet yet she smashes the sands of the earth without an iota of regrets, walks with a massive gait of destruction.

It is never too late until death takes its pound of flesh. Back out of your love with self pity, you have all it takes to defeat the enemy of your destiny. No man was preordained to be a failure, there is a seed of greatness in every man.

Come on folk, are you going to succeed in this rollercoaster trip called "Life"?  Am going to beard the lion of disappointments in his den, I shall rip apart his ligaments and jaw bones with my brave heart. You can come along with me if you wish but please arm your mind with courage. It took Abraham Lincoln a brave heart to weather through the storms of life and become the President of America. Bill gates did not give up on his dreams, that's why he is dancing with success today. Mohammed Ali had no fear for the heights of failure, that's why he rumbled in the jungle and became the greatest boxer of all time. Michael Jordan saw beyond the force of gravity, marching upon the invisible staircase of the air, that's why he is the greatness icon of basketball.

O yes you can, there's always an ability in every disability. Yesterday is gone forever, today is all yours for grabs. You can sing a new song today, it better be the song of victory. You are not too short to touch the mantle of success. You can become who you want to be. Every obstacle is a blessing in disguise. Though you cried yesterday, you can still dance for joy today, that's simply the undiluted truth.

From: Bulututu Ozuah


  1. Very good!

    From: Clara Dominguez

  2. Motivational stuff, I love it.

    From: Sinclair Smith

  3. This is really wonderful.

    From: Stephanie Freeman

  4. So amazing!

    From: Bryant Douglas