Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Captured by greed.

Take a look at the heart of man, what can you see?  I see that giant called "
Greed" shaking and rattling the landscapes of our hearts like a monsoon. Sadly, the night is getting darker, evil has turned into a darling angel of chaos.

Honesty has become a circus freak, the bad taste of our consciences has left our "Maker" traumatized with regrets. The huge blanket of the clouds has turned red with human blood all because of our allegiance with greed.

We all want more than a piece of the cake of fortunes, this is why we wrestle to destroy one another. It's not bad to be ambitious, the problem lies with our desire to have it all at the expense of our fellow human beings.

The spirit of power intoxication has ravaged the land, wars and turmoils now smile at ease. These are the gifts of greed, it has continued marching unabated and the world seems comfortable with this menacing wind.

The hand of the poor is growing shorter every day why the rich now has elongated tentacles, all thanks to Mr. Greed. Even the poor has fallen in love with the broad road to fame and riches, they can even sell their souls just to wear the visage of the rich and enjoy the sad baths of luxurious lives.

From: Bulututu Ozuah.


  1. So true!

    From: Martha Coakley

  2. Greed is indeed a monster. Great Bulututu Ozuah, I love the way you write. You are the best.

    From: Timothy Geithner

  3. Very nice blog!

    From: Viviane Porter