Friday, October 31, 2014

Flower of the soul

It doesn't matter whether you are black or white, the sweet nectar of your soul will draw a pool of joyful Smiling blessings into the epicenter of your life. I understand how bruised your ego is but I disagree with those thoughts in your heart which has been tinted and dented with evil.

Life is the intimate journey poised to parachute your soul into an eternity of bliss
or damnation. Let the flower of your soul be a sparkling love for God and man garnished with an addicted desire to pursue peace and embrace forgiveness. It will do you immeasurable harm to make bitterness and hatred the flower of your soul.

From Bulututu Ozuah

Monday, October 27, 2014

Living your dreams

Abraham Lincoln had this unfading hope that he would one day sit on the exalted throne of president of the United states of America. Even when he got knocked down by the vicissitudes of life, he still gathered enough strength to fight the vicious winds of fate. All that is history now because Abraham Lincoln did become one of the most popular presidents that graced the seat of power in God`s own country.

It is not yet over until you become as dead as steel, today could probably
 be your day of ascension to greatness. You are bigger than all the avalanche of problems that has bedeviled you. Never ever give up on your self and your lofty bountiful dreams. Trust me, your story is about to change for good.

From Bulututu Ozuah

Monday, October 20, 2014

Solid structured ambition!!!

We all build up our hearts with a sea of ambitious dreams, your`s could be how to become the next Christopher Columbus while mine could be a strong will to raise the bar of innovations higher than that of Bill Gates. Human beings breath to out do each other, whether for a brutal punch of ingenuity or a saint stained smile of reaching the apex of intellectual prowess. Lest I forget, you will get no where near your goals if you don`t arm yourself with the best solid structured ambition because you are as good as the strength of the thoughts of your heart and the dexterity of your spirit being, your will power to stand up as many times as possible each time you fall will give you that much needed solid structured ambition to ride high above the storms of life and wear the helmet of success.

From Bulututu Ozuah

Friday, October 17, 2014

Hello my lady

I just want to fill up the fuel tank of your heart with happiness and take you on a jolly ride to the rich land of fulfilled dreams. I want to clean all your tears with a white handkerchief of awesome joy. I live to paint smiles on your beautiful face.

From Bulututu Ozuah

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Primed years of my ancestors

Those days, the wicked did not have the leverage to dine their nefarious hands inside the sweet porridge soup of deceptive glory, the sun refused to cloth their naked brutality with adoration. The earth did smile with an abundance of a plethora of men and women of unquestionable integrity. Sadly, these were the days of hidden clouds of beautiful mother earth, the
primed past years of my ancestors buried inside the belly of history, never to rise again.

From Bulututu Ozuah

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Stirred by tomorrow

It is a magical feeling for one to live to fight another day. A living ant is better than a dead elephant, still being inside the garment of my mortal body has given me a second go at the rugged mountains that has embroidered the golden bridge leading to the path of my success. I no longer see the shark jaws of defeat, tomorrow has stirred up my weak muscles with a divine elixir, the tambourine sounds in my heart speaks delightfully the song of victory. This is it! Am almost there, it is going to be a great handsome victory for the once rejected.

From Bulututu Ozuah

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Merchant of dreams

It is a growling walk across the Himalayas inside an obscure breathing cloth of my subconscious state of being. Here comes the billionaire merchant, presumably my future is so enticing for him to bruise the heels of his pocket full of dirty shekels. When it seemed as if he would buy one`s life and place it into a ripples of failed hopeful dream, the hand of GOD flew down from the sharp shadows of the universe just to save me.I am so lucky to have a mighty GOD as my protector.

From Bulututu Ozuah

Friday, October 3, 2014

Love is blue with affection

Just like the blue skies, love is so blue with affection. The more you look into the blue eyes of love, the more you are held spell bound by the pure beauty of love, you automatically turn blue with affection. The kisses of love gives you a blue sensation of fulfillment. I love the blue affectionate winds of love, her cleavage is undeniably a safe haven for my troubled heart.
The charming blue hands of love`s tender touches has turned me blue with happiness.

From Bulututu Ozuah