Thursday, November 12, 2015

Come home o sweet tomorrow!!!

When would the wars and strives break their blood thirsty back bones? When would the falcon extend a warm hand of friendship to the eagle?  I sat on the naked ground with peace, her eyes were filled to the brim with endless tears, my heart just drowned inside the sorrowful current of the terrible bellows of the ocean.

The whole nations of the earth has embraced the bad breathe of chaos, the face of destiny has become an overcast mask. When again would great Baghdad become the beautiful bride of the Mediterranean world? Tehran and Riyadh no longer smile like brothers. Would Jerusalem ever know peace? How about the dirty rhetoric of the Korean peninsula that has embroiled the military veins of the north and south kinsmen? Syria has been reduced to a waste land while Afghanistan is sitting on a violent erupting volcano.

Somalia is still counting the cost of war,  raucous cries has seized the winds of southern Sudan, the bruised hands of Sudan are still bleeding. Handsome Uganda is still under the spell of ethnicity and her many demons. Nigerian my beloved is still a sleeping giant. Zimbabwe is dancing with poverty, south Africa is still battling with a decade old tooth ache.

I just can't wait to live in a world universally flowing with milk and honey. Come home o sweet tomorrow, come quickly o darling "Peace". I pray for a transmogrify life in a world where wars would never exist. An eternal dispensation clothed with an undisturbed ambience of peace and unity, that's my sweet tomorrow.

From: Bulututu Ozuah