Thursday, March 31, 2016

Fandango vs Facts: Would Trump pull through?

What's my take on this year's American presidential election? Honestly am a bit stunned by some of the utterances of Donald Trump. I hold him in high esteem, every thing about him beats my heart with happy curiosity. Donald Trump is no doubt a great man but I think that he has to get rid of the demons on his tongue before he can sit on the majestic throne of "Mr President".

Would he make a good president? The name Donald Trump has always been synonymous with success. Although, politics is a different ball game, his prosaic stance on some sensitive issues could crop up to be his worse undoing. Would changing into a latitudinarian give him the sacred mantle to become the President of the United states of America? I candidly don't think so.  Well, I still believe that Donald Trump has the needed raw potentials to be a strong leader.

The world awaits the new captain of the ship called America. It could be either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. God bless America.


Saturday, March 5, 2016


You are so beautiful, your angelic smiles has filled up my sadness ravaged face with joy. Each time i look into your eyes, the rushing winds of happiness envelopes every naked space in my heart.

 Before you came into my life, i was like a badly battered truck. You brought back sunshine to my life and killed my slough of despair. You painted my lips with kisses of success, it`s no longer news that i have become the handsome bridegroom of the East. All thanks to you.

The sweet embrace of your hands healed my wounds, my star now sits on the peck of the tallest mountain of achievers. My sweetie, you have turned me from a walking shadow of agonies into a darling charming Prince. I love you with an eternal love.

From: Bulututu Ozuah.