Saturday, April 16, 2016

Words of Bulututu Ozuah

No hand is too short to pull up the mantle of success but not all hands are privileged to have a feel of it.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The wicked smile of contrition

She gladly opened the doors of her fragile ancient heart to civilization, it seemed like a gold cast wise maneuver of a powerful Queen. Shrieking with laughter, civilization swiftly went for the kill, looting and shooting down her generational widths of knowledge. What a tragedy, the lioness turned into a caged cat without crawls, her knife edged teeth became comatosed with fear.

Having her lungs befuddled by liquor of shame, how can she get back her stolen mantle? Can she uncover the crack on the Achilles heels of civilization?  Though still riding on the wings of lost glory, her beauty has not been stained by the filthy hands of colonialism, she is still as charming as moonlight dancing stars.

Certainly, one day she shall become great again, her fertile land would be even more endowed with the richest forms of natural and human resources abound on earth. A time would come when her blood thirsty eyes shall transform into pretty blue eye sockets of friendship and love.