Tuesday, November 5, 2019


Lady charming, I've always dreamt of meeting special people and i'm so glad to have met a special and lovely friend like you. Guess what i will do tonight? I will go to bed with my back healthily kissing my mattress and my face smiling like the visage of a man who has just won a lottery. I will soak my head with the sweet thoughts of you because life has offered me the glittering joy of having a friend worth a handful of friends. My dear, i admonish you to go around mother Earth with a happy-happy smile on your beautiful face. Please, fill your bosom with gladness, let high hopes be your daily cup of tea. You are greater than who you think you are, live and eat your dreams. Frankly speaking, your garden shall be filled with love and prosperity. I believe you will dance cheerfully with divine blessings because you are already divinely blessed. Thanks for being a young lady with a loving heart.


Thou art pleasant o darling friend, thy beautiful heart flourishes with kindness. Lo, Thy soul is blessed. Sweet Nadia, you are a friend indeed . I beat my chest to say again and again that Nadia is a rare gem to behold and a great friend to dance to because her face has no spot of deceit. All i know and all i care to know is that Nadia is a darling friend indeed. Though I'm a decade miles away, I will still say to the air that Nadia is more precious than diamond. Nadia is a friend I'll always love and cherish because she is a friend in need and indeed.