Sunday, March 12, 2017


Not all of us have the guts to climb the highest hurdles in life and wear the mantle of greatness like a shield of glory. It is not an easy task to stand in front of the blinking eyes of the whole world, the journey to stardom could as well be the journey into the valley of depression.

Have it ever occurred to you that the great men and women of yesterday and today carry the heaviest burdens life has stocked inside the silos of mortality? A lot of people would definitely pray to sit and dine with the "Greats" of this world, they see them as mortals with brandish skins of immortal achievements. Unfortunately, being at the top has its own baptism of woes and pains. The presumed kings/Queens are not immune from the slaying heats of worries, the burdens they carry inside their chest cavities are as painful as a scorpion's sting.

The Lilliputian smiles of those we perceive as great people may just be a mere advertisement stunt to deceive the eyes of the ordinary mortals. Sweet eulogies can be bought with riches, don't wish to be like someone else. Just be grateful for the awesome peace you have, not all great men/women have the privilege of enjoying an unstained peace of mind because they carry the greatest amours of worries inside their expensive hearts.