Sunday, December 2, 2018


They were born on the same day with the rich but the planets were not aligned in their favor. Everyday is a struggle for them, the future blinks at them with a horrified stare. Education should be a free meal for them to eat, housing should be made affordable and available for them but the so called "gods" of this world would never allow a dime of good fortunes to flush away the bubbling miseries of the poor and the poorest of the poor. Everyone deserve the chance to dance with good fortunes. Is it a crime to be born without a silver spoon? We have failed these people, we all are guilty as charged. We merry when they are hungry, we lavish our souls with pleasure when they have no roof over their weak and frail bodies. We find delight in tagging them as miscreants, no finger is raised when they are unjustly treated. Politicians use them as thugs, they prefer them the way they are, slaves to be used and dumped at will inside the abyss of destruction. Are these people not human beings? Don't they deserve the right to feel the warm embrace of success and prosperity? Stand up today and help the poor and save the drowning souls of the poorest of the poor. Don't contribute to their avalanche of woes and agony. Be a torch bearer, change the orientation of the world and make them see the need to put smiles on the faces of the down trodden.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018


I was downcast,lost and drained by misfortunes. My friends had used their deceitful proboscis to suck all the sweet juices inside the nectar of my morning rose. There was no sweetness left in me, my world had turned into a dark night where only lights from the half moon could penetrate. How then can i lay my weak fingers on the thin lights of the half moon? The search for answers made me a sojourner, brushing through the whirl winds of Africa to the United States of America. When i got to the land perceived by many as the garden of Eden of the modern world, my heart began to pound like an undulating sound of a poorly struck bass guitar. "The American dream is here" echoed my heart.I felt the bone crushing knocks of fear because i had always found myself inside the cooking pot of "Fate's" brutality. It did not seem as if my luck would blossom, my head had gotten accustomed to failure and disappointments. "One last time, this is it-nothing would go wrong" i muttered inside the weary ears of my frightened spirit. Surprisingly, my American dream did not drown with the titanic fear in my heart. Alexis came from the blues and fell in love with everything about this black foreigner who had had no luck in finding love in Africa. I came to the United states with a broken heart and a history of misfortunes but now i have the most radiant smiles in the whole universe. Alexis saw the beauty inside the beast and turned me into a prince. This love is unbeatable, my life has become a river basin of happiness.

Friday, August 17, 2018


I hopped out of my interwoven depression when i heard your voice inside the innermost chamber of my heart. I had lived in  "Agony's Paradise" for ages, until it dawned on me that the clock did not tarry even for a brief moment to wait for me. My aspirations and ambitions had both died broken down and mediocre until you breezed into the foot path of my destiny. My life changed automatically immediately your voice rang through my nervous system.
My sweet sunshine, you have resurrected my dead bones. Suddenly, the eyes of the world are now on me. My ambitions are now as big as Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean. Wearing a happy smile is still odd to my grief stricken visage because i had lived so many days without seeing the charming oval visage of Dr. Prosperity. Is this a dream? A fleet of SUV cars and Royce roux are sitting idle in my garage, waiting for instructions. You are really killing me softly with your smiles. I had lived in a dark and dank dungeon of hopelessness for many years, accustomed to failures and hardship. It would take a while for me to get use to the passionate kisses of success, yes it would take a bit of time's patience.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Vale Of Tears Pulls Down An Iroko Tree- In Memory Of The Legendary Ihesiaba Solomon Ozuah (1932-2018)

I saw death in his eyes
As they shone brightly but pale.
I didn't know it was death
Until it struck without a dent of mercy....
I was left shocked and morose.......
No! It couldn't have happened
But it did.........
Painful it was and still is......
Only tears and pains come from such remembrance.
Now i wish it did not happen!
But i have to live with it now......
It did happen!
Lord, take this pain away.
It discomforts me.......
Let me feel free.......
Free from pain once again.

Though my heart has been slayed by Mr. sorrow,
I'm still glad that you have safely sailed
Over to a better place.
A land where the Sun smiles with the moon
And pampers the soil with an uncountable showers
Of happiness enmeshed in a garment of immortality.

Friday, April 6, 2018


Yesterday was my darling, she breezed into the corridors of my destiny with a variety of spices garnished with the breathe of hope. I thought that she would give birth to a beautiful child before the clouds would go to sleep.

Once again, i was wrong, trusting had always been the habit of my heart. Though i had gotten blotto with the vibrant strides i had made in the land of dreams, i am still thankfully to still be alive to dream more and struggle more. I don't see my date with disappointments as a set back, i see it as a spring board to something greater and bigger.

Good morning Mr. Tomorrow, i sincerely hope that you would fall deeply in love with my hard work. May you see the genius in me and toss me up for the world to see. I have waited for you all my life and i am confident that you would never feed my path with thorns. You are my guarantee of a better deal with time. I can hold my head high in the midst of today's tribulations because i know that you would be waiting with me with open arms to embrace me with the sweetest fruits of breakthrough. All my fears are dead, i see no more lions in the thick forest of my destiny. You shall crown me with a diamond of great achievements. Thanks so much my love for coming to my aid and making my life as beautiful as the rainbow.