Monday, November 24, 2014

My dearest

My dearest, it is another sunrise and I see a rise of free flowing
blessings rushing down from heaven to grease your life. It is a pleasure knowing you, every thoughts of you pulls me out of depression.

 I will someday pay you back with kindness for rescuing my spirit from the doldrums of sadness. When I think about you, my mouth becomes filled with laughter.

I will go to the far end of the world, then Sprint up to the throne of GOD just to buy you a happy future, this is a promise that has the breathe of life. May today cloth your heart with happiness, you will always be the gem angel of my heart.

From Bulututu Ozuah

Monday, November 17, 2014

The sweet lips of holy matrimony

My beloved is sweeter than honey and fairer than diamond. So beautiful
is the loving lips of holy matrimony, it is like a garden of divine blessings spiced with fruitfulness. If you are hungry for the fattest blessings in the circumference of mortality, then make haste and drink from the preordained lips of holy matrimony.

Divine marriage is an ever flowing wine of joyfulness, a life without it is like a desolate fortress. Many oceans can not pull down the solid foundation of true love but just a toss of the wind would swallow the entire estate of an unholy marriage alliance.

From Bulututu Ozuah

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Beautiful work of God

My heart is chilled with adoration, this is simply beauty redefined. When I peeped through the windows of her eyes, I saw clearly the gracious hand of GOD`S loving kindness. What a wonderful creation of the supreme GOD, I can't help but bark out with excitement.

 I have seen nothing as amazing as this little angel of inestimable value. Looking at her face has killed all my worries, my stomach is dancing with happiness. This is indeed the beautiful work of GOD, the most
spectacular sight in the whole universe.

From Bulututu Ozuah

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Finding love and forgiveness in the storm

Life has its` storms and a lot of families are beclouded with an avalanche of problems. In all these, you must never loose sight of love and don't ever allow your heart to become a threshold filled with lack of forgiveness.

Before God, all our garments are as black as sin, yet GOD deems it fit to forgive our trespasses. Life is too short, the best way to live a happy life is to learn how to forgive and forget.

From Bulututu Ozuah

Friday, November 14, 2014

Why worry?

Why worry? You are not alone my blossom friend, can't you see that you are surrounded by an army of guardian angels? To crown it up, your name has been written inside GOD`S book of remembrance and blessings. Just be happy, I don't want to see a trace of sadness on your beautiful visage. I won't mind going to the most expensive boutique in heaven to buy you a happy heart.

From Bulututu Ozuah

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A lover`s words of assurances

If I were a river, I would wash away all your problems. If I were an electric bulb, I would light up your life with happiness. You are the most beautiful flower inside the garden of my life. I pray that I would be that lucky man who would sow a million seeds of happiness into your heart.

From Bulututu Ozuah

I have become a wonder to many

Once upon a time, reproach killed my zeal to climb the highest pinnacle of Mt. Everest. My eyes were darkened so that I would become as blind as failure, austerity filled my thick sweet lips with kisses of vinegar. I was almost blotted out from the books of sanity, the wrathful anger of the clouds took away my pride.

Moreover, I still believed that my river of
aspirations will never drown inside the desert of afflictions. It took me many years to become a wonder to many, God chose the right time and the perfect elevation. My life has become a wonderful story of success and victory.

From Bulututu Ozuah

Saturday, November 8, 2014

A requiem from Mr Cow to Mr Cow

Am about to sail to the land of the forgotten, I guess am doomed to face the sanctioned rod of man`s righteous brutality. I am so bold and strangely built, yet am compelled to fold my hands and allow man to feast on my meat even without seeking for my consent.

With my bewitched razor edged horns, I can comfortably put an end to the careless life of man, my strength Is like the iron bars of Russia. Sadly, am bound by
fate to shrink inside the obnoxious reign of man. They lock me up like an armed robber and execute the damned before the hungry eyes of all and sundry. Just like my ancestors, I am so brave to stir into the dark face of the executioner.

From Bulututu Ozuah

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sweeping away the dirt in your life

Some stuffs in your life should be discarded and discharged from the breeding thoughts of your heart. To my consternation
, man is generally at peace with the rumbling of evil, that is why mother earth is no longer at ease and the universe has not had a nice night sleep.

For your life to smile with happiness, you need to sweep away: jealousy, greed, envy, hatred, vindictiveness and all the others vices of evil. All those dirt has to be swept entirely out of your life, that's when you will truly inhale the unpolluted oxygen of peace and tranquility.

From Bulututu Ozuah

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Long walk to freedom

I hear the awesome cry of chaos and the rushing chase of my forlorn horsemen arrows of war, yet my eyes has refused to make the 360 degrees backwards gaze. It doesn't matter if the falcon`s wings has been shelled heavily with
the bullets of afflictions, the falcon will still walk on the air again.

It is a long unassuming walk to freedom, I will still fancy my chances and take them by the bull`s horn. A time will come when generations yet unborn will hear my story of bravery. Freedom is not gotten on a platter of gold, I must pay the bold price that hangs on it's neck.

By Bulututu Ozuah

Monday, November 3, 2014

puff of the unknown

I woke up with this strange migraine of wild thoughts, I had no clue what to expect from the troubled skies. As I was busy scratching through my reservoir of thoughts, the news of the demise of an energetic Goliath breezed into the atmosphere of my place of solitude. I never had any hindsight of what had just transpired, surely the ground leveler is the ultimate cyclone called death. I live one day at a time, hopeful GOD will preserve my life. The puff of the unknown will not steal my soul, I will go home and be with the Lord when my days are no longer needed in the stroll of mortality. Before then, I will wear the breastplate of good health and enjoy the cooling air of long life and prosperity.

From Bulututu Ozuah