Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I will be there for you.

I will be your wings when you need one to fly. I will be your oxygen when ever you grasp for breathe. I will be your battery when your car is down. I will put smiles on your face when your heart is choked with worries. I will always be there for you.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Breaking news!!

Attention! Attention!! There has been an outbreak of rumors epidemic ravaging the entire intestines of Mother earth. This is obviously not meant to be a news. Isn't it?

What is breaking about every new news? After a couple of seconds, every breaking news becomes old news and a public Gazette. They all seem to steal the attention of every moving and creeping mortal beings.

Lady Diana's death was once a breaking news, so also was the fall of Berlin wall and a host of other past global events. The conscious truth about breaking news is that they all flow freely on the atmosphere. Sooner or later, they are either buried or caged by history.

There shall continually be breaking news until the earth wears away. The trend would never change because news would keep on breaking every dawn and dusk.


Saturday, June 13, 2015

You are my Sunlight

You are my Sunlight, my heart knows only your name. The sound of the heels of your voice has healed my crippled soul. How beautiful your face ignites the once faded bulb of my mind, your eyes has always shown me the pathway to eternal happiness.

Your smiles are like a cluster of dancing twinkling bright stars, nothing can be compared to the sweet fragrance of your undying love for me. Your love for me is bigger than all the oceans of the earth, this is just the naked truth.

Thank you so much for picking me out of the gutters of misery and recreating my destiny with the onyx of everlasting bliss. Lord Jesus Christ, thanks again and again for loving me.


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Searching for you

Where have you been my sweet gem angel? I have watered my bed with an ocean of tears, screaming your name with a bleeding heart that can only be bandaged with the soothing touches of your lovely hands. I am so lost without you, my life has never been the same since you disappeared into the thin air.

I have been searching feverishly for you, dying and living a thousand times just to be able to behold your beautiful smiling face again. Am just another dull moon without you, the wrinkles of sadness has now engulfed my handsome face.

Please come back home, my eyes has turned into blood. Perhaps, only you can cure my broken spirit. You are my fresh breathe of happiness, my whole world revolves around you.


Monday, June 1, 2015

My water turns red like wine

Come let us dance, the reed of your dreams are ripe for eating. When anxiety was choking my veins, every fiber of my expectations plunged inside the sea of uncertainty. It did not take forever for the ocean tide to calm its nerves.

Alas! My water of anguish has turned into a wine of joy, I no longer wear disgrace as a garment. The sea has vomited my divine inheritance, beauty has redefined my life with excellence.