Friday, October 28, 2016


 It is no longer news that Syria has become a nation of uncountable sores of afflictions. The pertinent question is who is benefiting from this pandemic crisis?

My take on this sensitive matter is that the greedy eyes of the power players would not sleep until the oil wealth of Syria becomes extinct. Counting the cost of greed in Syria is like a Hollywood horror movie. The poor masses of Syria would continue to lick there wounds until an almost impossible solution is carved out from the "Throne of Grace".

ISIS seems like the only lone wolf in this power tussle, all thanks to their radicalized Islamic veins. I see ISIS as the most stubborn grasshopper of the Syrian civil war. Unlike the other gladiators, their thirst for blood and oil has stirred them up to fight to the finish.

Assad can not divorce himself from the ugly gains of partnering with Vladimir Putin. I do not see this unholy alliance ending anytime from now. Greed seems to be their common ally.

The American backed liberation fighters are no saints. A whoosh of political power would give them the license to loot the treasury of the impoverish nation. Just like the case of Libya, an avalanche of problems would still be the victor. The corruption wind would corruptly turn their hearts into solid rocks of greed, this would be followed by gun combats and suicide bombings.

America and Russia would stop at nothing to wear the crown of  the world's most powerful nation, they have both stained their hands with the bloods of the innocent and the awful cadaver of the guilty. Morally, America is committed to peace in Syria but she would prefer to have her own puppet on the "Presidential Throne" of Syria..

Perhaps, Syria shall smile again when a selfless president becomes the commander in chief of Syria. Only an unbiased umpire can heal this hope drained nation.


Friday, October 14, 2016


The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary- VINCE LOMBARDI

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Have you ever felt the heat of loneliness? Once upon a time, you had the whole world at your feet. An army of fake and convenient friends followed your trails like honey bees. In your head, you felt loved and adored. A whoosh of admires ignited your life, it looked like the perfect dream story in a real world. Suddenly, you lost your fame and fortunes then your world begins to crumble like a collapsed building. It hurts like a merciless pain of affliction. Feeling that sun burns of misfortunes is no child's play. it will take a brave heart to walk away unscratched from that scenario.

Yea! Growing up in a family is awesomely great. There are always a lot of funs and pranks to catch by the heel. As a kid, your parents and siblings are your universal buddies, the thoughts that one day you shall all go your separate paths would not sink inside your thoughts. By a stroke of fate, the beckoning call to proceed to high school followed by a higher academic pursuit sets you apart from the daily viewing of your family. If you are living in the United States, a compulsory one year service to your mother land follows suit, that's also the case in many other counties of the world. Gradually, you become detached from your parents, brothers and sisters. 

Then comes the wedding bells, a different new world kicks in. Your parents are now like lonely wolves, their kids are all grown up and married. The sad truth is that along the way, death and commitment would seal some pounds of flesh. Whether rich or poor, it is inevitable to run away from the heat of loneliness because someday it is going to rock your world. Yet, life is beautiful, treasure it and value it. Lest I forget, be good to your dreams and sow love into the hearts of people.