Friday, April 6, 2018


Yesterday was my darling, she breezed into the corridors of my destiny with a variety of spices garnished with the breathe of hope. I thought that she would give birth to a beautiful child before the clouds would go to sleep.

Once again, i was wrong, trusting had always been the habit of my heart. Though i had gotten blotto with the vibrant strides i had made in the land of dreams, i am still thankfully to still be alive to dream more and struggle more. I don't see my date with disappointments as a set back, i see it as a spring board to something greater and bigger.

Good morning Mr. Tomorrow, i sincerely hope that you would fall deeply in love with my hard work. May you see the genius in me and toss me up for the world to see. I have waited for you all my life and i am confident that you would never feed my path with thorns. You are my guarantee of a better deal with time. I can hold my head high in the midst of today's tribulations because i know that you would be waiting with me with open arms to embrace me with the sweetest fruits of breakthrough. All my fears are dead, i see no more lions in the thick forest of my destiny. You shall crown me with a diamond of great achievements. Thanks so much my love for coming to my aid and making my life as beautiful as the rainbow.