Thursday, July 20, 2017


Today is smiling, its sourpuss nature has refused to sprinkle the seed of mercy on the fertile sweats of the poorest of the poor. Africa was once grazed with the emblem of global authority, yet the stars of this great continent have been weakened by the shekels of Europe and the absurd blessings of the American culture.  We have sold our destinies for a mere plate of foreign porridge, even the whispers of our birds now dance to the tunes of the Whiteman's flute.

Our generational romance with bad leadership is as legendary as the Sahara desert, the foolishness of our past and present leaders have remained glued to the DNA of our unborn babies,  the future is about to feature so many imbecile leaders on the seats of authority. Now is the only chance we have to remove the craven hoof of our unborn leaders and replace them with a selfless clothed soul

We all long for a better Africa with a plethora of leaders of integrity. Tomorrow would reveal if and when our golden geese would lay those desired eggs that would transform Africa into a continent of innovative and intellectual champions. Yes, there is hope, even though we are confidently inside the drainage of hopelessness. I sincerely believe that Africa would rise again and rule the world.