Tuesday, November 5, 2019


Lady charming, I've always dreamt of meeting special people and i'm so glad to have met a special and lovely friend like you. Guess what i will do tonight? I will go to bed with my back healthily kissing my mattress and my face smiling like the visage of a man who has just won a lottery. I will soak my head with the sweet thoughts of you because life has offered me the glittering joy of having a friend worth a handful of friends. My dear, i admonish you to go around mother Earth with a happy-happy smile on your beautiful face. Please, fill your bosom with gladness, let high hopes be your daily cup of tea. You are greater than who you think you are, live and eat your dreams. Frankly speaking, your garden shall be filled with love and prosperity. I believe you will dance cheerfully with divine blessings because you are already divinely blessed. Thanks for being a young lady with a loving heart.


Thou art pleasant o darling friend, thy beautiful heart flourishes with kindness. Lo, Thy soul is blessed. Sweet Nadia, you are a friend indeed . I beat my chest to say again and again that Nadia is a rare gem to behold and a great friend to dance to because her face has no spot of deceit. All i know and all i care to know is that Nadia is a darling friend indeed. Though I'm a decade miles away, I will still say to the air that Nadia is more precious than diamond. Nadia is a friend I'll always love and cherish because she is a friend in need and indeed.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Wherever you look, you would see a glimpse of the past and a splash of the future. The words you threw at the air yesterday would come back to either hunt or caress your life. We make or mar our future by the actions we took in the past. Some dudes keep shouting that life is not fair but the truth is that the pains we bear and the pains we suffer are as a result of the things we did yesteryears and today. I had this fa├žade that life is unfair to me until I came to the realization that everything that had happened in my life is a reflection of things I dreamt of and the bold hopes I hung on my neck like a gold necklace. The bigger you dreams, the bigger your challenges. Your dreams are a reflection of the challenges that crops up in your life; you have to surmount them with the brave heart and determination of a champion who is unrelenting in his or her pursuit for glory. Yes, better days would spring up from the rubbles of despair and disappointments. Without setbacks, there can be no Eldorado. Everybody wants to be a champion but not everybody is prepared to go through the rigorous routine it entails to wear that crown of glory on your forehead. Just like Tyson Fury, you have to have what it takes to stand up after being knocked down. Fate is as brutal as the killer punches of Deontay Wilder. The only way you can do wonders for yourself is by not staying down after the fall. To fall is human but to rise up and stand on your feet explicitly qualifies you as a champion. Sitting at the top is a reflection of the effort you had put in your life to be where you are. The greatest is not the one who sits on the throne but the one who got beaten and still manage to rise up again from the ashes like a falcon. Your failure is just a reflection of your present circumstance, it is not necessarily a reflection of who you are because you are who you think you are.

Sunday, February 17, 2019


There is pandemonium in the air , those in favour of Atikulated and those in support of Buharilated are squaring out against each other in the titanic battle of Nigerian politics. The bragging right is who would wear the holy grail of leadership. The main gladiators are two old men whose bank accounts are as fat as the clouds of West-Africa. Buhari is sitted on the throne and Atiku is hell bent on dethroning him from the golden stool of the Presidency of the world most populous black nation. Buhari's Machiavellian plan is in motion, Atiku's draconian teeth is also unrelenting. Who would save the poor masses of Nigeria from the demons of anarchy and the beast of intoxicating power. The king is fighting corruption with the iron rod of corruption. Who is he deceiving? We are praying for the divine intervention of the King of the gods, we long for a better and more prosperous Federal republic of Nigeria. Come February 23rd 2019, will the election umpire(INEC) hijack the mandate of the Nigerian electorates? Which ever way the pendulum swings, the nation would still remain a heterogeneous country of the beautiful-ugly. we are praying feverishly for the enthronement of a king with a human heart even though we know that there would be no "Amen" to our prayers.