Thursday, December 3, 2015

When I was under the web of childhood

Then, I slept without seeing the gloomy face of tomorrow, the garrulous tongue of my heart was just a mute figure. This was long before the schizophrenia gloat of Mr. Obstacles, life was so beautiful and friendly. The reckless razor shaped teeth of the air had no bite, I could neither see nor perceive the smell of trouble. Basically, Bulututu Ozuah was then as happy as the singing birds of the skies.

Being under the web of childhood back then was simply an unforgettable experience of  joy and tranquility, no qualms at all, life was so good to behold. My home was a safe haven for all classes of homosapiens, we ate and drank happiness. Those days, our friends were as sweet as honey.

My beloved Nigeria was smiling economically, tribalism did not have the raw muscles to break the strong jaws of peace. Our currency had more fist than the American dollars. Ethnicity could not jump higher than a bungalow, indeed the future was looking ravishingly so handsome. We had the best brains under the roof of the skies.

Today has forgotten about the colorful dance of yesterday, a lot of things has fallen apart. When I was under the web of childhood, everything looked like a lovely tales by midnight.

From: Bulututu Ozuah