Thursday, September 17, 2020


The human being is the most intricate of all known creatures. Attempt to fully comprehend man’s nature has eluded us in the past. Science so far has broadened our understanding of man’s physical body but facts unseen are yet to be resolved. Every day, our knowledge of certain minute ingredients of life is better illuminated. Like any other living creature, human beings are subjected to external influences, two of them- the variable and the constant. Thus, human beings struggle to maintain an equilibrium of healthy living and wellbeing. Living a reckless life is tantamount to sailing through the Atlantic Ocean on board a sinking ship. Here comes in the health professionals, their task, a herculean one though is to aid man’s quest for good health and long life. Whereas accountants deal with figures, lawyers probably with facts. Doctors find themselves in the enviable position of saving lives. Medical Science is the most dynamic of all knowledge sought, it is ever changing. An ideal health staff must have buried his/her head in books and manuals in a formal education and must keep pace with the developmental changes of our time. Medicine is a sensitive profession, errors made on paper can be corrected but diagnostic and treatment errors cannot be salvaged. Lives are connected, people depend on people. Premature death simply breaks this chain and plunge lives into sorrows. One medical error can change the course of a deceased relation’s life. It is a very noble task to care for the sick, but more ignoble to care without the necessary knowledge. Let us keep in mind the implications of our actions, remembering that a respect for human lives is a respect for the most beautiful creation of God.