Wednesday, September 26, 2018


I was downcast,lost and drained by misfortunes. My friends had used their deceitful proboscis to suck all the sweet juices inside the nectar of my morning rose. There was no sweetness left in me, my world had turned into a dark night where only lights from the half moon could penetrate. How then can i lay my weak fingers on the thin lights of the half moon? The search for answers made me a sojourner, brushing through the whirl winds of Africa to the United States of America. When i got to the land perceived by many as the garden of Eden of the modern world, my heart began to pound like an undulating sound of a poorly struck bass guitar. "The American dream is here" echoed my heart.I felt the bone crushing knocks of fear because i had always found myself inside the cooking pot of "Fate's" brutality. It did not seem as if my luck would blossom, my head had gotten accustomed to failure and disappointments. "One last time, this is it-nothing would go wrong" i muttered inside the weary ears of my frightened spirit. Surprisingly, my American dream did not drown with the titanic fear in my heart. Alexis came from the blues and fell in love with everything about this black foreigner who had had no luck in finding love in Africa. I came to the United states with a broken heart and a history of misfortunes but now i have the most radiant smiles in the whole universe. Alexis saw the beauty inside the beast and turned me into a prince. This love is unbeatable, my life has become a river basin of happiness.