Friday, June 5, 2020


Is the United States of America truly the land of the free for the free? The late George Floyd was a man naturally endowed with a black skin- a Negro in the eyes of those who see and judge a man by the color of his or her skin. George Floyd had high hopes of living to see a better tomorrow. The reaper struck again in the family barely two years after the demise of George Floyd’s mum. This time around, the victim was George himself. People steal thousands of dollars and go scot free but poor George Floyd died without robbing anyone. The crime they accused him of committing was minuscule compared to the one proven to have been committed by so many white folks this year. I believe strongly in the innocence of George Floyd. Even if he was not innocent, being in possession of a fake $20 bill is not something that would drive a sane Police Officer mad. If a white person had been in possession of a fake $20 bill would he or she had been murdered? “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe” screamed a helpless George Floyd. If he were a white man, his pleas for help would had soften the stone heart of the ruthless Derek Chauvin, a 44 year old white skinned Police Officer of the Minneapolis Police Department. Bewitched by the cloven Hoff, Derek Chauvin pressed his knee on the neck of poor George Floyd. On the bare street was where George Floyd was lying helplessly. Death jerked left and right, it did not find any angel in the vicinity who would rescue the drowning soul. Death waited patiently for 8minutes before he stole the soul of George Floyd. Racism has refused to go to bed and never wake up. A lot of racial murders have been going on in American soil all these years but the recent death of George Floyd has exposed the nude body of the ghost of racism. I sincerely wish that one day the dreams of the founding father of America would be realized. We long for the day where this great nation would truly be a land for the free and for the free. The color of a man’s skin should not dictate how he or she would be treated.