Thursday, June 1, 2017


When the rose drifted afar, the sun began to brag with the moon in a show of superiority. These words are mere nuts yet they are as blue as the beautiful dreams of Mr Yesterday. Nothing sounds better than the groans of a victorious soldier, he was a nobody before he became a somebody.

If I had wings, I would  have scaled over Mount Everest just to smile with the vicious winds of the clouds. I came aboard Mother Earth to conquer the tides of Fate, not to be bitten by the premolar teeth of fear and failure. Mr fear grabbed me by the scruff of my iconic neck, allowing failure to cripple my limbs. Am I defeated or have I been defeated? My index finger seems to be grasping for the air of authority. Even a great man is a mortal being, man would never be able to defeated the undefeatable storms of destiny.

Anger is just a demon controlled by
 the sounds of emotion, you drown and fall when it steals your sense of reasoning. My heart is smiling and crying with dexterity, no stretched forth hands and a zero handkerchief for this gladiator, not even the kisses of success can heal my wounded heart.