Friday, November 19, 2021


Today is bethrothed to history. She would be gone forever but her memory would linger forever. Today is all you have got, tommorrow is a mystery. Treat today with kind gloves, be good to all the people ''Fate'' brings to your path. Are you filty rich? If you are, please spend your liquid gold wisely, don't look down on your nose at the poor. Mind you, you might wake up in the morning a poor man. You might think you have it all. Don't be deceived by your good fortunes. Some beggars were once multi-millionaires. Life has an insatiable hunger for ups and downs. Nobody has the monopoly to controll the winds of destiny. Be grateful for the little you have and strive hard to better your life. ''Fate'' might probably show you His good side Tomorrow. Don't laugh at another person's misfortune. Your's might be ten times worst than his or hers. Today is all you have got to make hey while the sun shines. Don't allow the misfortunes of Today to sink your dreams. No matter what Today throws at your face, don't give up hope. As long as you are alive, you would still have more than a thousand chances to pull through and have a happy ending story. Today has brought about the rise and fall of empires. Today has caused so many people pains and also fed the hearts of so many people with that awesome flow of joy. Happiness and Sadness are inside the bag of Today. Always remember that what you do today would determine what you would be remembered for tomorrow. Be strong and courageous.

Thursday, November 18, 2021


The ''Eartth'' was never intended to be a breeding ground for turmoils, wars, natural disasters and ravaging tentacles of diseases and pandemic. How did we get to this stage? Once upon a time, man lived in a beautiful garden, mortality had a sweetened spice of peace and tranquliity . Man was contented with being man. When man began to populate the ''Earth'', evil began to incubate until it became a living being, invariably cracking the walls of tranquillity. The lust for ''Power'' released the demon in ''Man''. Every generation has a repilca of Adolf Hitler. China the ''Great'' has found an ally in Russia, ''The Bear'' of Europe. The aim of their alliance is to divide and rule the world and crush the influence of ''Almighty'' United States of America. These manuevers has deepened the crack on the walls of tranquillity. Tranquillity has drowned inside the sea of woes. African has been serenaded by these world powers. Eating the leftovers from their rich meals has reduced Africa into a pathetic beggars league of under-developed nations. For Africa to survive, she must polish the shoes of her benefactors. South America has been bullied and made to lick the feet of Russia and China all thanks to the maniacs in the helms of affairs who calls the shots in the laughable democracy of the continent. No need to make mention of Asia, the story is still the same.