Sunday, January 18, 2015


Love has the sweet fragrance of a sachet of myrrh, she cloths the atmosphere of your heart with an indescribable touch of undiluted happiness. As a deer pants for water to drink, so does your lips long for the kisses from the sweet lips of your soul mate.
In like manner, love takes no stock of your mountain of wrongs because love is as beautiful as forgiveness, so charming and kindhearted.

God had to send His only begotten son to come and die for your sins, that's the miracle of love. Love is as tall as eternity, mankind is doomed without the smiling visage of love. We need love to survive, she is our breathe of life, only her can save man from dying of malnutrition and starvation. 


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Inspired by the demise of yesterday

Yesterday had the better of myself, her thick gobs spilled out Venomous words with ease while I stood and faced the horror of the winds. It seemed as if faith had just empty words to chew, I cried and laughed like an untamed soldier.

I stood bound in the chains of yesterday's refusal to fill up my lungs with that joy that flows like a river. Finally, I got back my life when yesterday kicked the bucket. I was so inspired to take a giant leap of faith and it paid off like a smiling sunny afternoon in Las Vegas. My heart started pumping again with great ambitions, I safely came out from the gripping river of doubts.

At last, I have beaten the fall after falling and failing so many times in my adventurous life. The demise of yesterday brought back agility to my then downcast soul.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Splendor and majesty are in your veins so lift up your battered spirit with a cup of gladness. You have sank your soul with tears for so long, now is your turn to eat from the sweet stew of happiness. Arise and fill up your bowel with songs of praises, it will surprise you how bright your star would dance on the skies.

Your deadly romance with delusion has cost you a barrage of sadness, not a word from yesterday's promise of hope. How long would it be? Your heart keeps probing and asking, the bacterium of your agonies keeps munching the skins of your bruised dreams.

Finally, this is your day of victory. The cup of gladness has become your daily drink, it would certainly melt away all your pains and agonies. Your tears shall become fountains of happiness, no more handshake with sorrows.


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hurled into a glorious future

Darkness shall vomit my glory, my light shall dance naked in the euphoria of tomorrow's banquet. The burning incense of the wicked shall not paralyze the sweet testimonies of my lips.

A thousand arrows of Pharaoh will melt at the belly of the winds, I shall suffer no harm. My eyes shall feast on the defeat of my enemies, the rainbow colors of my life shall be victory and success. Even before I was created, a glorious future had been prepared and reserved for yours sincerely.


Friday, January 2, 2015


My hunger for success is incurable, nothing shall break the backbone of my dreams. The vineyard of my heart is an unquenchable faith in GOD. My hope is built on nothing else but the power of the SUPREME BEING, that's the solid rock on which I have planted my mortal feet.

Like the stream of rushing winds, I glide my way through the thickest forest of trials, I have died a dozen times yet I am still alive. Just like an eagle, I soar higher than the towering mountains of life. So many swords flew from the camp of the MASKED BEING, furiously racing towards the chambers of
my heart to pull down the curtain of my existence, GOD stood upon the five pillars of the atmosphere to dispel them just to save my life.