Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Inspired by the demise of yesterday

Yesterday had the better of myself, her thick gobs spilled out Venomous words with ease while I stood and faced the horror of the winds. It seemed as if faith had just empty words to chew, I cried and laughed like an untamed soldier.

I stood bound in the chains of yesterday's refusal to fill up my lungs with that joy that flows like a river. Finally, I got back my life when yesterday kicked the bucket. I was so inspired to take a giant leap of faith and it paid off like a smiling sunny afternoon in Las Vegas. My heart started pumping again with great ambitions, I safely came out from the gripping river of doubts.

At last, I have beaten the fall after falling and failing so many times in my adventurous life. The demise of yesterday brought back agility to my then downcast soul.



  1. So touching, I love this blog. I so much love the way you write. You are the best!!

    From: Rodney Harrison

  2. Very good!!!!!!!!

    From: Roberto Carlos