Thursday, May 7, 2020

Corona Virus Vs Hunger Virus: The Plight Of Africa

Humanity is grappling to curtain the spread of the queen of all viruses’ code named “Covid-19”. The death rate is staggering, mother earth is bleeding with sorrows. European countries and the almighty United States of America are the worst hit sites of the deadly pandemic. “Lockdown” seems like a world ritual to curb the spread of Covid19. Governments all over the world has exhausted their resources and yet some of them are going the extra mile, they are trying their best to put food on the tables of their people. The hilarious thing about this pandemic is that it has made tissue papers and toiletries a scarce commodity in the Whiteman’s land. This kind of thing can never happen in Africa. As wise as the Whiteman claims to be, the harsh truth is that they are slaves of fear and prisoners of the technology they worship as god. Sadly, cadavers has multiplied by a geometric proportion. The rape of the overstretched hospitals across the globe has installed a frightening wave of fear in most of the isolation centers of the world. People have started looking elsewhere for cure and vaccines for the deadly corona virus. Madagascar is leading the way via her herbal drink. Instead of being thankful, the Whiteman is not willing to believe that anything good can come out of Africa. The fact ought to be told. Covid19 has a special place in its nefarious heart for the Whiteman, no wonder the alarming death rate. Yes, corona virus has finally began to feast on the soil of Africa. Though it has caused scores of death but the number one disease right now in Africa is called “Hunger Virus”. Even before the “Lockdown” era, so many Africans were dying daily of hunger and starvation. With the “Lockdown”, hunger virus has grown more wings to kill. The African heads of government want their people to stay at home to curb the pandemic yet they have no clue that hunger is the worse disease on earth. People are dying more from hunger virus in this part of the globe where I come from-Africa. Covid-19 is deadly and vicious but hunger virus is merciless and wicked.

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