Sunday, July 24, 2016


Not all smiles are from the heart and not all stretched hands are handy. Open your eyes, the real world is like locusts invasion of deceit. Betwixt and between there is always the ugly fist of Esau. You can't tell the direction of Mr. Tomorrow, we have to contend with the indefinite dance of uncertainty.

Hillary Clinton smiled like an angel yesterday, yet only God knows what is under her sleeves. Donald Trump filled the air with classic displays of modern day pre-election madness, this has caused a global scar on his reputation. Honestly, it is better to dine with an abusive fellow than to shake hands with a wolf in a sheepskin.

Theresa May has to safely navigate the ship of United kingdom through the tough storms of  "Brexit", the European union is at the cross road. Scotland has a fight to finish, this is indeed an acid test for the government of Theresa May. It took just the camouflaged face of deceit to pull off the chequered shirt of Great Britain from the brotherhood of Europe.Has Russia a hand in this?

Personally, I don't know what to make out of the whole drama. Vladimir Putin has other things to worry about, he is more concerned with the story of the gods of Syria. The European union does not have a friendly wink from Vladimir Putin, the future is indeed pregnant with an unknown baby. Iran has become an adopted brother of Russia, they both share the same outrageous smiles but nobody knows what lives inside their hearts.

Everybody wants something, it may surprise you to see yourself standing alone when you are stripped of your cherished fame and glory. Empires will rise and fall, let's hope that evil rulers shall not deploy the use of Nuclear weapons to settle their scores.

From: Bulututu Ozuah

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Captured by greed.

Take a look at the heart of man, what can you see?  I see that giant called "
Greed" shaking and rattling the landscapes of our hearts like a monsoon. Sadly, the night is getting darker, evil has turned into a darling angel of chaos.

Honesty has become a circus freak, the bad taste of our consciences has left our "Maker" traumatized with regrets. The huge blanket of the clouds has turned red with human blood all because of our allegiance with greed.

We all want more than a piece of the cake of fortunes, this is why we wrestle to destroy one another. It's not bad to be ambitious, the problem lies with our desire to have it all at the expense of our fellow human beings.

The spirit of power intoxication has ravaged the land, wars and turmoils now smile at ease. These are the gifts of greed, it has continued marching unabated and the world seems comfortable with this menacing wind.

The hand of the poor is growing shorter every day why the rich now has elongated tentacles, all thanks to Mr. Greed. Even the poor has fallen in love with the broad road to fame and riches, they can even sell their souls just to wear the visage of the rich and enjoy the sad baths of luxurious lives.

From: Bulututu Ozuah.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

And they ate the woes of poverty

They didn't choose to wear the garment of poverty, staying stuck to it is never any man`s dream. To those born with a diamond touch of fortunes, the poor are like the scrapes of the sand. A lot of our elites and socialites have a death conscience towards the downtrodden, it gets darker every day.

Do we live in a fair world? The gods of the earth are the rich, with their dirty shekels, they buy and sell the destinies of nations. With blood diamond, the rich fool of Liberia turned his nation into a field of blood. The great moron of former Zaire feed the vultures of Europe with the nutrients of his pocketed nation. The modern day king Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon turned Baghdad into a cadaver republic.

Even in education, the poor has no tongue to bargain with the rich. It's a taboo to shake the filthy hands of a nobody but they see nothing wrong in licking the excreta of Richie rich. Inequality died the day after the birth of history, don't expect to see a blue blooded king kissing the feet of a common servant. The wind of stigmatization has grown fatter.

Being : poor, rejected and dejected today could as well be your passport to greatness tomorrow. Make sure you don't look down on people when you are up there. Use your wealth to beautify the ugly face of the poor. You will be worse than the devil if you feast on the blood of the poor. We all have a duty of making the world a better place for those covered in blotches of poverty.

From: Bulututu Ozuah

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Sadness has a blowsy visage, her harridan nature despises every seed of joy in one's heart. I have seen so many beautiful
dreams trampled under the nefarious sole of her feet yet she smashes the sands of the earth without an iota of regrets, walks with a massive gait of destruction.

It is never too late until death takes its pound of flesh. Back out of your love with self pity, you have all it takes to defeat the enemy of your destiny. No man was preordained to be a failure, there is a seed of greatness in every man.

Come on folk, are you going to succeed in this rollercoaster trip called "Life"?  Am going to beard the lion of disappointments in his den, I shall rip apart his ligaments and jaw bones with my brave heart. You can come along with me if you wish but please arm your mind with courage. It took Abraham Lincoln a brave heart to weather through the storms of life and become the President of America. Bill gates did not give up on his dreams, that's why he is dancing with success today. Mohammed Ali had no fear for the heights of failure, that's why he rumbled in the jungle and became the greatest boxer of all time. Michael Jordan saw beyond the force of gravity, marching upon the invisible staircase of the air, that's why he is the greatness icon of basketball.

O yes you can, there's always an ability in every disability. Yesterday is gone forever, today is all yours for grabs. You can sing a new song today, it better be the song of victory. You are not too short to touch the mantle of success. You can become who you want to be. Every obstacle is a blessing in disguise. Though you cried yesterday, you can still dance for joy today, that's simply the undiluted truth.

From: Bulututu Ozuah