Thursday, September 29, 2016


Do you know that the more you smile, the more you drown the tentacles of your miseries? Learn to be happy even when things aren't beaming and booming with the tidal waves of good fortunes. Even inside the pit of sadness, you would still see the flash light of hope, your perceive pathetic condition is not the worse tale abound in this aged spiced globe.

We all suffer loses one way or the other, be it death or debt. If we confine our faces to the slaying punches of our problems, the people around us would bear the brunt of our bad mood. When your mind becomes brazen about the ugly veil of sadness, it is a sign that you have lost the battle of life to the masquerades of your predicaments.

Yes you can! Fill the air around you with happiness. Just a glimpse of your smiles can light up someone's life today. Prove to people around you that you are bigger than your afflictions, just a daily broad smile on your adorable face would do the trick.

Guess what! You healed a broken and shattered heart by only a mere simple smile, you have instantly saved a life.


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Celebrate your mother, she is a special gift from God.

I would have been a non existent imaginary song in a comic world of the unborn if I had no mother. Nobody would have heard of my handsome name, the sweet smelling nectar of mortality would have been uncountable miles away from my nostrils. Thank GOD, I became human, all thanks to my
"CREATOR" and the best mom in the entire universe. I love my mom, do you love yours?

If you were never in a woman's loving womb, I bet nobody would have ever set eyes on your charming visage, your story would have been a blank sheet of paper. Let's doff our hats for our mothers, they were there for us when nobody had any clue that we were destined to sit on the throne of greatness.

Had it not been for your mother, you would have died of : hunger, sicknesses and diseases. Even when you were inside her womb, she feed you with food and affection. Sweet mom, kept you warm and comfortable, her unrelenting prayers filled up your weak bones with strength.

When you said "Hello" to planet Earth, your mother's nutritious breast milk thrilled your hungry stomach with the perfect balanced diet meal. She had always been there for you through thick and thin crisis of life.

Your mom is a special gift from GOD, please make her happy because she is a jewel of  inestimable value.



Every thing about life is a gamble, you can not beat your opponents if you refuse to face them squarely. The great Nelson Mandela saw beyond his fears in other to conquer the beast of apartheid. What are you afraid of?

The maladroit manner in which you tussle with the ghost of fear would go a long way is sniffing out your high targets in life. It is okay to be afraid but it is disastrous to allow the craws of fear to strangle your momentum to trade your feet on the halo ground of success.

Usain Bolt would not had been a world beater if he had allowed his feeble mind to be ruled by fear. You can scale the highest hurdles in life but you have to put in your best jump. Don't be afraid of failure, instead use it as a Launchpad for a better future. What matters is not how many times you fell down, your eventual success shall erase all your humiliations and pains.

Brace up and crush the ugly jaws of fear, don't be a slave to it one bit. You are a man/woman of great poise- stand up like a gladiator and sprint to the finish line like a true champion. I see a reservoir of untouched strength in your weakness.


Friday, September 23, 2016