Sunday, December 2, 2018


They were born on the same day with the rich but the planets were not aligned in their favor. Everyday is a struggle for them, the future blinks at them with a horrified stare. Education should be a free meal for them to eat, housing should be made affordable and available for them but the so called "gods" of this world would never allow a dime of good fortunes to flush away the bubbling miseries of the poor and the poorest of the poor. Everyone deserve the chance to dance with good fortunes. Is it a crime to be born without a silver spoon? We have failed these people, we all are guilty as charged. We merry when they are hungry, we lavish our souls with pleasure when they have no roof over their weak and frail bodies. We find delight in tagging them as miscreants, no finger is raised when they are unjustly treated. Politicians use them as thugs, they prefer them the way they are, slaves to be used and dumped at will inside the abyss of destruction. Are these people not human beings? Don't they deserve the right to feel the warm embrace of success and prosperity? Stand up today and help the poor and save the drowning souls of the poorest of the poor. Don't contribute to their avalanche of woes and agony. Be a torch bearer, change the orientation of the world and make them see the need to put smiles on the faces of the down trodden.