Sunday, February 17, 2019


There is pandemonium in the air , those in favour of Atikulated and those in support of Buharilated are squaring out against each other in the titanic battle of Nigerian politics. The bragging right is who would wear the holy grail of leadership. The main gladiators are two old men whose bank accounts are as fat as the clouds of West-Africa. Buhari is sitted on the throne and Atiku is hell bent on dethroning him from the golden stool of the Presidency of the world most populous black nation. Buhari's Machiavellian plan is in motion, Atiku's draconian teeth is also unrelenting. Who would save the poor masses of Nigeria from the demons of anarchy and the beast of intoxicating power. The king is fighting corruption with the iron rod of corruption. Who is he deceiving? We are praying for the divine intervention of the King of the gods, we long for a better and more prosperous Federal republic of Nigeria. Come February 23rd 2019, will the election umpire(INEC) hijack the mandate of the Nigerian electorates? Which ever way the pendulum swings, the nation would still remain a heterogeneous country of the beautiful-ugly. we are praying feverishly for the enthronement of a king with a human heart even though we know that there would be no "Amen" to our prayers.

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