Saturday, November 8, 2014

A requiem from Mr Cow to Mr Cow

Am about to sail to the land of the forgotten, I guess am doomed to face the sanctioned rod of man`s righteous brutality. I am so bold and strangely built, yet am compelled to fold my hands and allow man to feast on my meat even without seeking for my consent.

With my bewitched razor edged horns, I can comfortably put an end to the careless life of man, my strength Is like the iron bars of Russia. Sadly, am bound by
fate to shrink inside the obnoxious reign of man. They lock me up like an armed robber and execute the damned before the hungry eyes of all and sundry. Just like my ancestors, I am so brave to stir into the dark face of the executioner.

From Bulututu Ozuah

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