Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Joy spewed out of my sorrows

Ain't you happy to see a busy boom of happiness kissing every inch of my handsome face? It takes a gritty heart to weather through the storms of disappointment. What did I do wrong in the first place? When you are in love, you see no pit holes, even if your partner is a numskull.

Some years back, I thought this could be it. Obviously, the dangling wedding bells seemed like my bye-bye to bachelorhood swan song. A miss is as good as a mile, it ended up in a crashing tale of heartbreak. Yes, I was dumped before my very own eyes. What excuse did she give? "You are too good for me" she said. Presumably, being good became one's crime. I sowed love and reaped thorns. I died a dozen times, she ripped off my heart and threw it inside a burning furnace.

Every Cloud has a silver lining, finally this nice dude has become a woman's proud husband. After two rejections, I have become the love of someone's life. Joy has spewed out of my sorrows at last.

From: Bulututu Ozuah.


  1. Wow, a nice story with a happy ending.

    From: Mandla sosoko

  2. So sweet.

    From: Serena Fleming

  3. Very nice.

    From: Christabel Watson

  4. Good one.

    From: Vladimir Yeltsin